Easy Email Features

After successful installation, you can find the app under System.

There are two tabs:

  • Jira Email Templates: System created templates

  • My Email Templates: Your user created templates

Jira Email Templates

  • Click Jira Email Templates: and all the Jira templates available in your system are listed on left side bar.

  • To Edit:

    • Click on your selected template

    • Modify its content

    • Click Save after you’re happy with your changes

    • Restart Jira to apply new changes

My Email Templates

  • Click My Email Templates: and all your created and saved email templates are listed below

  • Processing Options:

    • To Edit: Click on ✎ under to edit

    • To Copy: Click on 📄 to copy

    • To Delete: Click on 🗑 to delete

  • To Create a new email template.

  • Click Add: and a new page appears for you to fill in, to create a new template.

My Email Templates consists of a basic template manager/editor where you can configure what template to use and a post function where you can decide to whom to send the email.

Template Manager


Template Editor


Post Function Configuration


How To

For options on what values from issue can be used in the email template refer to Email Template Context.


Refer to Email Template Example.