Filter & Dashboard Manager for Jira

This app extends the functionality provided by Jira for "Shared items" to include “Non-shared items”.

Jira does not allow you to view private filters and dashboards, only shared ones.

With this add-on, sys admins will be able to see all the filters and the dashboards of your Jira instance.

You can check, delete and change the ownership of a filter or dashboard.

With the app you can now:-

  1. View the relationship between dashboard and filters. Sys admins can see which filters are being used on a given dashboard, whether they are shared or not shared. This way you will know which dashboard will affect the modification of a filter.

  2. Change the owner of any filter or dashboard, whether they are shared or not shared. By default, in Jira only the owner of a filter or a dashboard can make modifications on them.

  3. With this add-on, sys admins can assign ownership of a filter (or dashboard), make necessary corrections, and return ownership back to the original user.

  4. Eliminate filters and dashboard. You will be able to keep your Jira clean, eliminating unshared filters and dashboards that are not used.