Subtasks Clarity for Jira

Simplify and Streamline Your Workflow

Tired of having to open every issue underneath an Epic to update it’s status? Wishing you could just open one and update all its siblings directly without missing a single one? Subtasks Clarity for Jira is here to transform the way you manage your projects.


Subtasks Clarity for Jira allows you to see all sibling issues within an epic directly in the issue view. Effortlessly manage the status of sibling issues without leaving the issue view, making project management smoother and more efficient.

Who is it for?

Perfect for project managers, engineers, engineering managers, product managers, and business analysts, Subtasks Clarity for Jira is designed to enhance the productivity of your entire team.

Sub-tasks Manager for Jira is a simple and easy-to-use app that helps you with these three main functionalities:

Key Features

  • Comprehensive View: View all subtasks within an epic from any issue view.

  • Seamless Status Updates: Change the status of subtasks directly through a dropdown, progressing them through workflows without extra clicks.

  • Progress Tracking: Easily track the status progression of epic issues, including story points, time tracked, and time logged or estimated.

  • Detailed Descriptions: View detailed descriptions of subtasks when viewing them in a list, providing all the context you need at a glance.

  • Quick Add Subtasks: Add new subtasks to an issue via an Add Issue button, without needing to open the issue window.

Why You Should Use Sub-tasks Manager for Jira?

  • Increased Efficiency: Save time by updating the status of sibling issues and adding new subtasks straight from your current issue.

  • Improved Oversight: Gain a clear overview of all related subtasks or sibling issues within an epic, ensuring nothing falls through the cracks.

  • Unique Status Management: Change the status of sibling issues without entering each one individually.

  • Rapid Subtask Creation: Quickly add new subtasks to streamline task management.

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