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Where can you use Subtasks Clarity for Jira?


Subtasks Clarity for Jira is available for Data Center (DC) hosting only.

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Subtasks Clarity for Jira is a simple and easy-to-use app that helps to see all sibling issues within an epic directly in the issue view.

View all issue types within an epic

Whether you’re viewing your backlog, a project issues tab or a project board. You can view an Epic’s' siblings' in the issue.


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Issues Tab

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Easily change the status of subtasks

We’ve made it easy to change the status of a subtask via a simple dropdown. Subtasks Clarity for Jira allows you to progress the status of subtasks, stories, bugs and tasks from within an issue so you don't have to click into each issue individually.

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Quickly add a new subtask

Need to add a subtask to a story or task quickly? Simply click the ‘Add Subtask’ button, enter a title, press enter, and your subtask is created instantly. No more opening new issue windows every time.

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View the progress of your Epic at a glance

We’ve built a progress bar panel where you can easily track the status progression of epics, including story points, time tracked, and time logged or estimated.

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Try Subtasks Clarity for Jira today

Subtasks Clarity for Jira is available for your Jira today (Data Center only). Click here to try it for free.