Subtasks Clarity for Jira - Use Cases

Improve planning and team collaboration with Subtasks Clarity for Jira

Perfect for project managers, engineers, engineering managers, product managers, and business analysts, Subtasks Clarity for Jira is designed to enhance the productivity of your entire team.



Sprint Planning and Management

A project manager is planning a sprint and needs to ensure all tasks are correctly assigned and tracked.

Subtasks Clarity for Jira allows project managers to view all subtasks within an epic, update their statuses, and quickly add new subtasks without opening each issue, ensuring the sprint is well-organised and up-to-date.

Progress Monitoring

An engineering manager wants to monitor the progress of tasks within an epic to ensure the project is on track.

With the ability to see the status progression of all subtasks and sibling issues at a glance, engineering managers can easily identify bottlenecks and address them promptly.

Collaborative Task Management

A team of engineers is working on different parts of an epic and needs to stay coordinated.

Subtasks Clarity for Jira enables team members to view the status and details of all related subtasks within an epic, facilitating better communication and collaboration.

Quick Task Updates:

A product manager needs to quickly update the status of multiple subtasks during a meeting without navigating through numerous issue windows.

The app’s feature to change subtask statuses directly from the issue view allows for efficient updates, saving time and keeping the focus on the meeting.

Detailed Reporting and Analysis

A business analyst needs to provide a detailed report on the progress and status of tasks within an epic.

By viewing the comprehensive status progression and details of all subtasks, the analyst can compile accurate and thorough reports without extensive manual tracking

Onboarding and Training

A new team member is being onboarded and needs to understand the current state of tasks within an epic.

Subtasks Clarity for Jira offers a clear view of all subtasks and their statuses, making it easier for the new member to get up to speed quickly.

Time Management and Estimation

A team lead needs to ensure that time tracking and estimations for subtasks are accurate.

The app provides visibility into time tracked, time logged, and estimated time for all subtasks, helping the team lead manage and adjust time allocations effectively.