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Where can you use Home Directory for Jira?


HDDB is available for Data Center (DC) hosting only.

Atlassian Products

  • Jira Software


Home Directory Browser

Download files directly from the home directory

Bulk download & Zip multiple files at System Folder level

Database Browser

Run database queries from within Jira

Use the table and SQL easy search

Schedule notifications for more effective troubleshooting

Download query results or email to nominated user(s)

Log Browser

Access, view, and search Jira Logs right from your Admin panel

View logs within Jira itself

Colour coded logs for easier diagnosis - search info, error, warn, and debug

Try Home Directory, Database & Log Browser for Jira today

Home Directory, Database & Log Browser for Jira is available for Jira Software (Data Center only). Click here to try it for free.