After successful installation, you can find the app under System.

There are two tabs:

  • Jira Templates: System created templates

  • My Templates: Your user created templates

Jira Templates

  • Click Jira Templates: and all the Jira templates available in your system are listed on left side bar.

  • To Edit:

    • Click on your selected template

    • Modify its content

    • Click Save after you’re happy with your changes

    • Restart Jira to apply new changes

My Email Templates

  • Click My Templates: and all your created and saved email templates are listed below

  • Processing Options:

    • To Edit: Click on ✎ under to edit

    • To Copy: Click on 📄 to copy

    • To Delete: Click on 🗑 to delete

  • To Create a new email template.

  • Click Add: and a new page appears for you to fill in, to create a new template.