Threaded Comments for Jira

With the changes to WFH and remote work, it is more important to maintain effective communication with your dispersed team members and colleagues.

Threaded Comments will improve team communication and help address the main problems with remote WFH, which include:-

Loneliness and isolation at work

Working from home remotely can be difficult, especially when you are not in contact with team members. Remote work often isolates team members from one another, leading to feelings of loneliness and depression.

Daily activity and task planning

Because one can be easily distracted and sidetracked WFH, it is important to have a daily list of tasks to be worked on, and at the end of the day the ability to tick-off the tasks that have been achieved

Daily interaction and communication with team members

Loneliness and isolation can be reduced if you interact with your colleagues and team members throughout the day. This maybe by Zoom, Teams, Meet-up, Slack, Chat, Messenger, email, SMS, etc.

Plus, Threaded Comments adds these useful features to make your communication and comments with team members and colleagues, easier and more informative:

  • Facebook-like thread conversation experience - make comments more friendly and readable

  • Reply button - directly respond to a comment

  • Like/dislike button - acknowledge with one-click

  • List of people who like/dislike - see who are on your side (wink)

  • Project-based configurations - it’s your call to select which project you want to enable the plugin