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Where can you use Threaded Comments for Jira?


Threaded Comments for Jira is available for Data Center (DC) hosting only.

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Atlassian Products

  • Jira Software

  • Jira Service Management
    (Threaded Comments only available to agents on the agent screen. Customers and portal users will not see Threaded Comments.)

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Ability to respond to all comments

Jira users can reply to any comments, including comments already part of an ongoing thread.


Emojis are available as quick reactions to comments. Emojis are also available in the Threaded Comments rich text editor.

Enable or Disable Threaded Comments by each project.

Jira Admins have granular control over which projects use or do not use Threaded Comments.

Rich text editor

Users have the choice to keep it simple with plan text comments or they can use the rich text editor to create easy-to-consume comments.

Add an image within the comment

Include screenshots, share mockups and designs, right in your comments.

Make internal threads in Jira Service Management projects

Reply to customers or to internal team members with Threaded Comments for Jira.

Create multi-level comment threads (i.e.: a thread within a thread)

Multi-level threaded comments let your discussions flow like they should. Give users a clear and easy way to understand which comments relate to one another.

Jira permissions scheme applies to Threaded Comments

Users have “can add thread comment” with Jira "Add comments" permission

Try Threaded Comments for Jira today

Threaded Comments for Jira is available for your Jira Software or Jira Service Management instance today (Data Center only). Click here to try it for free.