Should my Data Center clients use Threaded Comment for Jira?

A 1-minute Solution partner guide

As a Solution Partner, solving client problems is more important than anything else.

Do any of these client scenarios ring a bell?

  • It's a new DC Jira installation and you want your client to avoid future comment mess

  • Your client’s end-users (like non-tech teams) struggle with the DC experience and this helps to reduce user friction and increase adoption

  • Your client asks about Threaded Comments and you don’t know us (so hopefully this helps)

A better Jira user experience is a no brainer.

We’re all familiar with how threaded comments work in Slack and Microsoft Teams. Why not give your clients that same experience – a better, stickier experience – in Jira?

What is Threaded Comments for Jira?

Amazingly simple Threaded Comments for Jira. Give teams immediate context. Stop losing track of which comments go together

  • Jira comments can quickly get out of sync and feel “out of order.”

  • Give Jira users threaded comments like they have in Slack and MS Teams.

  • With the simplified Thread Management, a user can expand and collapse threads with one click. Eliminate lengthy scrolling and find the comments that matter faster.

NOTE: Threaded Comments for Jira is currently available for Server and Data Center instances.

Teams using Threaded Comments for Jira

Any team that wants to keep conversations clear.

Use cases for Threaded Comments include:

  • Situations with multiple topics or themes mentioned on a single Jira issue

  • Teams working across multiple time zones can easily separate async conversations for reactions, comments, and decisions

  • JSM tickets with multiple issues handled in one queue ticket; teams create a thread for each matter, allowing multiple discussions, decisions, and resolutions on one ticket

  • When a clear conversation record is required (e.g.: code approval), approvers can reply directly to a request for approval, making the decision clear and traceable

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Key features


  • Ability to respond to all comments,

  • use of emojis

  • rich text editor

  • ability to nominate specific or all projects

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Limitations are listed here.

Key limitations worth noting are:

  • There is no search on project configuration

  • Threaded Comments are available on the detailed issue view, not the side view

  • In Jira Service Management, Threaded Comments are available to agents on the agent screen; customers and portal users will not see Threaded Comments


Affordable - it can be potentially used by any user commenting on any Jira issue.

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How easy is it to install?

Very easy. Install the app and get started in minutes.

➡️ Installation documentation

Will clients need training?

Nope. Threaded Comments bring familiar functionality to Jira. No training required.

➡️ User guide available


Recent 4-star review: “Great app! Very easy to use and support is very responsive!”

The team answers queries during these hours:

  • Mon-Fri 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM GMT+10

You can also refer to our most frequently asked questions ➡️ FAQ page to help with the detail.

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What happens if my client needs to uninstall?

There is no risk of losing comments.

If your client ever wants to uninstall Threaded Comments for Jira it will leave all the comments – yes, even the threaded comments – on the issues. Comments will display in the standard Jira timeline format.

When migrating from Jira Server/DC to Jira Cloud, existing comments will be displayed in the standard Jira Cloud comment timeline format.

How often does Votazz update?

Usually every 2nd month. Votazz like to keep Jira version parity and are active in feature updates.

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Who is behind Votazz?

Peter Muldoon is the man behind Votazz. An experienced IT veteran, he runs a full IT team keen to respond to customer needs and requests.

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Need a business case written?

If a client needs to make a business case to purchase Threaded Comments, we have prepared two drafts for you to share with them:

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