User Guide and Installing Threaded Comments for Jira Cloud

Step 1:

There are two ways you can find and install Threaded Comments for Jira.


Navigate to Apps > “Explore more apps” in your Jira Administration panel.

Click onto the app listing.

Click Try it free to get started


Visit the Atlassian Marketplace and search for Threaded Comments for Jira.

Click Try it free to get started.

Click here to visit the Threaded Comments for Jira page directly.

Step 2:

You're good to go! Jira users can start using Threaded Comments in all Jira Software projects.

Want to let your Jira users know they have Threaded Comments?

Here’s a sample Slack or Teams message you can send to teams who are getting access to Threaded Comments:

Hey team! We recently installed Threaded Comments for Jira. This app lets you reply to Jira comments in threads like you do in Slack or Teams. 

There's nothing you need to do. Next time you're in a Jira issue, simply scroll down to view the comments and either add a new comment or hit `Reply` to start a threaded discussion.

End messy comments chains today. Get started with Threaded Comments for Jira.

Threaded Comments for Jira is available for your Jira Software or Jira Service Management instance today (Data Center only). Click here to try it for free.

Warning:- THCO Cloud does not support any attachments other than text due to an Atlassian system limitation.