Release Manager for Jira

What do we mean by a release?

A release is a combination of multiple project versions.

You can associate multiple project versions in a single release.

Creating a Release

  1. To create a release use:- name, key, description, release date, etc. information to create a release.

  2. Click on versions.

  3. Add any new versions using release version screen.

  4. A filter is maintained by the plugin. This filter keeps track of all versions.

Release Versions

This screen allows you to associate versions to the particular release.

It also allows you to create project versions from this screen.

This screen supports bulk operations - for example, updating project version release date.

Access Control

By default, release is private.

Only a sys administrator is allowed to change the Release Manager.

You can however, allow other people to modify your release by assigning the release to a group.

The Release Menu is only available to "releasedog-users" group or administrators.

Anyone who needs to see the menu must be in the "releasedog-users" group.

Release Notes

Use release notes and view all issues links to see all issues.

Release Notes is a basic screen that shows all issues.

Release Tools

Two Release Tools are provided:

  1. Release Manager Calendar - This is a calendar view for all planned and pending releases

  2. Release Manager View - This is a simple view to browse through past and planned releases


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