Should my Data Center clients use Sub-tasks Manager for Jira?

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Do any of these client scenarios ring a bell?

  • It's a new DC Jira installation and you want your client to avoid future sub-task mess

  • Your Jira Admins/ Project Managers are at capacity so managing individual sub-tasks is a real time consuming pain

  • Your client asks about Sub-tasks for Jira and you don’t know us (so hopefully this helps)

By using Sub-tasks Manager for Jira, you can gain complete control over your Jira sub-tasks, project by project. This helps Jira Admins improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their Jira instances.

What is Sub-tasks Manager for Jira?

Sub-tasks Manager for Jira is a simple and easy-to-use app that helps Jira Admins:

  1. Move sub-tasks from one parent issue to another: This is the app's primary function. It allows you to select multiple sub-tasks and move them to a new parent issue in just a few clicks.

  2. Bulk copy sub-tasks: This feature enables you to copy multiple sub-tasks from one parent issue to another. This is useful when you want to create a backup of your sub-tasks or move them to a new project.

  3. Bulk delete sub-tasks: This feature allows you to delete multiple sub-tasks at once. This is helpful when you need to clean up your Jira instance or remove unnecessary sub-tasks.

Use Cases for Sub-tasks Manager for Jira?

This is a valuable tool that can help Jira administrators and Project Managers improve the efficiency, effectiveness, and usability of their Jira instances.

  • Reorganizing project structure

  • Resolving sub-task assignment conflicts

  • Handling mass sub-task updates

  • Preparing sub-tasks for testing or deployment

  • Cleaning up unnecessary sub-tasks

  • Streamlining sub-task management processes

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Key features

  • Bulk move sub-tasks from a parent issue to another parent issue

  • Bulk copy sub - tasks from a parent issue to another

  • Bulk delete sub-tasks from a parent issue to another

  • Auto - selects the parent issue selection

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Only Parent-to-Parent move, copy, delete of sub-tasks


Affordable - it can be used by any Jira admin

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How easy is it to install?

Very easy. Install the app and get started in minutes.

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Will clients need training?

Little or no training required.

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The team answers queries during these hours:

  • Mon-Fri 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM GMT+10

You can also refer to our most frequently asked questions ➡️ FAQ page to help with the detail.

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How often does Votazz update?

Usually at least every 6 months. Votazz like to keep Jira version parity and are active in feature updates.

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Who is behind Votazz?

Peter Muldoon is the man behind Votazz. A 50 year+ experienced IT veteran, he runs a full IT team keen to respond to customer needs and requests.

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Need a business case written?

If a client needs to make a business case to purchase Sub-tasks for Jira Manager, we have prepared two drafts for you to share with them:

  • Informal – shorter, friendlier tone

  • Formal – longer, more detail

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