WFH - Daily Wellness Monitor for Jira

The main problems with remote WFH:-

Loneliness and isolation at work

Working from home remotely can be difficult, especially when you are not in contact with team members. Remote work often isolates team members from one another, leading to feelings of loneliness and depression.

Daily activity and task planning

Because one can be easily distracted and sidetracked WFH, it is important to have a daily list of tasks to be worked on, and at the end of the day the ability to tick-off the tasks that have been achieved

Daily interaction with team members

Loneliness and isolation can be reduced if you interact with your colleagues and team members throughout the day. This maybe by Zoom, Teams, Meet-up, Slack, Chat, Messenger, email, SMS, etc.

But it is important that you make the effort to contact other team members on a regular basis

Daily task tracking and productivity

Tracking work progress and tasks are essential to any remote work environment. By monitoring the progress of tasks, managers can ensure that team members are working on the most critical tasks and that no task is left behind.

In addition, tracking productivity can help managers identify areas where team members could improve their work-rate.

The Purpose of WFH - Daily Wellness Monitoring:-

The primary purpose and design of the app is, for the information and benefit of the remote WFH employee, contractor or staff member.

The app provides a simple process to monitor daily achievements and number of tasks completed, the number of interactions with your colleagues and team members, your wellness and emotion on the day, plus sets out the few key task to be addressed tomorrow

The app keeps track of these daily variables and enables you to monitor and track your activity on these key wellness variables over an extended period

This will enable you to take corrective or remedial action to address the downsides of remote WFH

Daily Wellness Reporting:-

Daily Wellness Dashboard:-