Jira Server to Jira Data Centre Migration - Overview

With the proposed phase-out of Atlassian’s Server hosting service in February 2024, customers must elect to migrate their apps to either Data Centre or Cloud.

This decision is based on a number of factors such as, number of users, number of applications and add-ons, migration costs, degree of difficulty, service interruption and ongoing subscription fees, to name a few.

At Votazz we have elected to focus our services and strategy on customers who are migrating their Jira instance from Server to Data Centre. We have decided we cannot be all things to all clients and decided to focus solely on Server to Data Centre migrations.

The Jira Server to Data Centre migration involves the moving from the Atlassian Jira Server hosting to the Data Centre, transferring all data and software in the process.

However, for the Data Centre migration to be a success, system downtime must be minimised and business continuity must be maintained where possible, throughout the transfer of hardware and software, and the organisation must return to full functionality. 

A successful migration means that all data has successfully ported, and that the new Data Centre Jira instance has no incompatibility issues with previously-accessible functionality, and all standard features operate and interpret newly-installed software as normal.