Limitations for Threaded Comments

These are known limitations for Threaded Comments for Jira.

Configuration by Project

You can select projects to enable/disable Threaded Comments, but there is no filter or nominate feature if you have a long list of projects in your instance.


There is not Threaded Comments search. Please use default Jira Search only.

Comment issue on transition (workflow function)

When transitioning an issue, you cannot automate a reply using a threaded comment.

Maximum number of comments per issue

There is a limit of 1000 comments per issue.

Issue side panel summary

You need to open to the detailed issue page to ensure that threaded comments are available.

Threaded Comments functionality is not available in the issue side panel view.

Customers will not see Threaded Comments in Jira Service Management portals

In Jira Service Management, Threaded Comments are only available to agents on the agent screen. Customers and portal users will not see Threaded Comments.

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