Bulk Move Attachments for Jira

Download & Install

Download and install from Atlassian Marketplace:


Available for Jira Server 9.0.0 & Jira Data Centre 9.0.0

Supported Version

Supported versions from 8.0.0 to latest Jira 9.0.0 release

App features

  • Move one or more attachments with a few simple mouse clicks.

  • No configurations are required.

  • Easy to use.

How to use

Step 1

Select OR search the Jira issues which have the attachment(s) you want to move.

Step 2

Select attachment(s) you want to move by ticking the checkbox ☑

Step 3

Find the destination issue. There are multiple ways to do it.

Step 4

Click move to start the process. After finish, it will redirect to the destination issue’s details view.