FAQ - Easy Email Queue Monitor




What features are available?

The app allows monitoring of the Jira mail queue health through Outgoing Mail Monitor, or REST API endpoints, supports JSON/XML response formats, and provides real-time data on mail queue and mail error queue sizes. It is compatible with both non-clustered and clustered Jira instances.


What are the top 3 use cases for this product?

While it’s hard to say which are the “top” use cases, here are three we see regularly:

  1. Real-time monitoring of Jira's email queue health.

  2. Integration with remote monitoring tools for automated alerts.

  3. Utilization of mail queue data in custom automation scripts.


Who should buy this product and why?

IT Managers, System Administrators, and Jira Administrators in organizations that rely on Jira for project management, customer service, or IT service management get a lot of value from this product.

Easy Email Queue Monitor ensures the reliability of Jira notifications and alerts. It’s crucial for maintaining operational efficiency and communication within Jira environments.

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