Outgoing Mail Monitor

To open Outgoing Mail Monitor navigate to Cog → System → Outgoing Mail Monitor (left menu, Mail section).


The page has four sections:

  • Outgoing Mail Server shows the basic settings and status of the configured outgoing mail server.

  • Mail Queue Service shows the basic settings and status of the service.

  • Mail Queue shows the status and statistics of the mail queue.

  • Mail Queue Items shows the current mail queue. Extended information is displayed for each element:

    • Type. The type of mail queue element corresponding to the event that triggered the message to be sent.

    • Subject. Subject of the letter that will be sent. For an element of the "Subscription" type, the subject will be empty, since this element is a collection of letters that will be divided into individual elements when sent.

    • Initiator. The user whose actions led to this email being sent.

    • Recipients. Users who will receive this email.

    • Queued. The date and time this letter entered the queue.

    • Send count. The number of attempts to send this letter.

    • State. The state of the queue element. Default is “Pending“. If the number of attempts exceeds 10, then this letter goes into “Error“ state.