Should my clients use Easy Email Queue Monitor for Jira?

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As a Solution Partner, solving client problems is more important than anything else.

Do any of these client scenarios ring a bell?

  • Your clients are looking for an efficient way to seamlessly connect with popular monitoring tools for proactive issue detection

  • Your client asks about Easy Email Queue Monitor for Jira and you don’t know us (so hopefully this helps)

What is Easy Email Queue Monitor for Jira?

Easy Email Queue Monitoring for Jira is real-time email queue monitoring for Jira Admins, Sys Admins, and IT Teams who monitor the health of their mail queue. It’s fast to setup and it’s automation-ready.

Use Cases for Easy Email Queue Monitor for Jira?

  • Proactive Issue detection

  • Custom monitoring integration - seamless connect with popular monitoring tools (eg: Zabbix, Nagios)

  • Real time alerts

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Key features

  • Dashboard for monitoring outgoing mail with extended data

  • Seamless integration with monitoring tools with easy to configure queue parameter notifications

  • Flexible Scripting with REST API

  • Customizable Alert Thresholds

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How easy is it to install?

Very easy. Install the app and get started in minutes. No training required.

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The team answers queries during these hours:

  • Mon-Fri 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM GMT+10

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How often does optim update?

Usually at least every 6 months. optim like to keep Jira version parity and are active in feature updates.

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Who is behind optim?

Peter Muldoon is the man behind optim. A 50 year+ experienced IT veteran, he runs a full IT team keen to respond to customer needs and requests.

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Need a business case written?

If a client needs to make a business case to purchase Easy Email Queue Monitor for Jira, we have prepared a draft for you to share with them.

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