Use cases - Easy Email Queue Monitor

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Monitor your email communication reliability with Easy Email Queue Monitor for Jira

This is a valuable tool to monitor your Jira mail queue and take a proactive stance on maintaining your Jira system's queue health and email communication reliability.

These use cases include:

Proactive Issue Detection

Automatically identify and address email delivery issues before they impact users, maintaining seamless communication

Custom Monitoring Integration

Seamlessly connect with popular monitoring tools (e.g., Zabbix, Nagios) for a centralized view of your Jira email queue health.

Real-time Alerts

Configure real-time notifications based on customized threshold values to ensure immediate response to potential queue overflows or failures.

Operational Automation:

Use the REST API for creating scripts that automate monitoring tasks, reducing manual oversight and increasing efficiency.

Enhanced IT Response:

Empower IT teams with the tools and information needed to swiftly diagnose and solve mail queue issues, minimizing downtime and improving user experience.

Already know how you’re going to use it? Try Easy Email Queue Monitor for Jira for FREE today.

Easy Email Queue Monitor for Jira is available for your Jira instance today (Data Center only). Click here to try it for free.

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