Getting Started with ToDos for Jira

Getting started with ToDos for Jira Issues is easy. Simply install the plugin and it becomes available for all users to utilize without any additional configuration. You can then begin to create your very own Todo's!

What is a ToDo?

ToDo is representation of a task, something you want done.

A ToDo can contain the following:

  • Title

  • Description

  • Deadline

  • Reminder alarm

  • Tags

  • JIRA issue connection

When a ToDo is done, it can be checked off and will not show up in the list anymore unless it is actively brought back by the user.

The main Todo page

Creating Todo's

First, you need to open up the ToDo page. This can be done by clicking on the tab in the header bar named My Todo's.

Click the button named Create ToDo, enter your Todo, and press enter or click the add button to create the Todo.

Create dialog

All Todo's you create are personal, they will not be visible by any other user.

During this process it is also possible to set a deadline or an alarm, mark the ToDo as in Focus and add tags to your ToDo's.

You may also decide which list they should appear on. Use our keyboard shortcuts to create and organize your todos even faster.

ToDo's can also be added between ToDo's (inline) by clicking on the area between two ToDo's. This brings up an add bar and the ToDo will automatically be placed in that position. 

Adding a ToDo inline

Listing your ToDos

Use lists to manage your ToDo's. A list could represent any possible group of ToDo's, for example a software project, a business trip, or a goal.

Even if you do not create any lists, ToDo's can still be placed in a special list called Unlisted or in the Inbox.

Details of a ToDo

Clicking on a ToDo in the lists will bring up the details of a ToDo.

From here it is possible to edit title, tags and set deadline and alarms. This is also the place where you can add a description to a ToDo. This is very convenient when you have additional information relating to a ToDo, but it does not fit the title, for example long URLs.

ToDo with a description

Finally, it is possible to edit the issue connection from here.