ToDos for Jira - Installation


Download and install from Atlassian Marketplace:

Applicable for Jira Server & Data Centre

Supported Version

Supported versions from 8.0.0 to 9.2.0

Version x.x.x for Jira Server & Data Centre

To Be Released:- Mid - November, 2022


Jira 9.2.0 Server & Data Centre Compatibility


Added Licensing & Pricing for Jira Data Centre

Installation guide

  1. Check if the /wiki/spaces/TFJI1/pages/838303790 is compatible with you JIRA instance.

  2. Make sure that your JIRA instance is fully backed up.

  3. Go to the Add-on section at the JIRA Administration page.

  4. Upload the plugin to JIRA or search for ToDos for Jira Issues in the Universal Plugin Manager.

  5. After installing, enter your marketplace plugin license using the Universal Plugin Manager.

  6. You can read more about marketplace licenses here.